Posted on Jul 17, 2016
Posted in weddings

Rain plans.  It’s a phrase that no bride wants to talk about, but it does occasionally happen and it’s good to be prepared.  How about lightning plans?  You’d think it’s the same plan but occasionally you have a situation where an impending storm makes you rethink your strategies. I hadn’t thought about it either until literally 48 hours before Sandra’s and Matt’s big day they found out that the weather was going to force a pretty big change.  They were changing their entire venue…only one of the biggest decisions you make (other than wedding photographer…clearly!)….with less than two days to spare.  Invitations already sent.  Directions distributed.  Flowers, cake, food…everything going in a different direction that had been planned for months.

If you’re a bride that’s in the midst of planning her wedding you may have just passed out at the thought.  Did Sandra and Matt?  Nope.  Not even a little.  Now, this is the part where I tell you that having an exceptional wedding planner and coordinator is worth its weight in corsages and center pieces.  Adam Donovan-Groves of Donovan-Groves Events was amazing.  He coordinated the entire change with as little disruption to the day as possible.  Masterful job, Adam.  Truly.

So, instead of frantic faces and worried expressions, instead of blown timelines and missed opportunities, you have an entire wedding day that happened exactly how it was supposed to happen with a simple last minute address change.  So, you can now focus on the beautiful little touches that filled the day.  Check out that Viewfinder loaded with relationship memories that Matt gave to Sandra before the ceremony.  Check out that reveal in the bridal suite at The Lodge at Mt. Ida.  All told, a remarkable wedding day.

We often list our wedding colleagues, the “vendor team” as a recognition of their hard work and dedication to making a great wedding day, but this time it’s truly a remarkable list.  Everyone involved rerouted everything to make this day happen for Sandra and Matt.  Thank you to, of course,  Adam Donovan-Groves and team, Milicent and staff at The Lodge at Mt. Ida, A Pimento Catering, MS Events, Nature Composed, Six Stylez Band with Sam Hill Entertainment, Favorite Cakes, and Anne Kibler.