Posted on Aug 03, 2016
Posted in weddings

It doesn’t get much more Richmond than this.  Rebecca and Jacob chose two of the most iconic locations in the entire city to host their ceremony and reception.  The Byrd Theatre is a fixture in the hearts and memories of so many Richmonders, growing up with it’s 1920’s architecture and brilliant organ to go along with cult classic showings and well-curated film festivals.   And while I don’t tend to think of a wedding ceremony as a high drama event, there’s definitely a circumstance to it that lends itself to the theater.  I loved Rebecca’s and Jacob’s approach to using the space, keeping it straight forward and allowing the beauty of it take center stage.

When I met with these two for the first time we all knew that the day wouldn’t be complete without a little stroll through Carytown (one of their favorite spots as a couple) to take advantage of their personalized marquee at The Byrd and the energy of all the Saturday shoppers milling about.  Seriously, what’s not to love about it.

And even the least travelled Virginian has heard of or visited the nationally recognized Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  The Marble Hall, the sculpture garden, the brilliant exterior design…it’s a photographer’s dream and certainly a lovely destination for a wedding reception.  Lindsay and I always consider it an honor to be invited to each and every wedding, and this is no exception, but it’s also great to be able to incorporate so many loved aspects of our hometown in the process.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Jacob, their families, and the dozens of unnamed extras who had no idea they’d be part of this wedding day 🙂  Enjoy.

(Special thanks as well to The Byrd Theatre, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Vogue Flowers, Shyndigz, Emme St James, Seven Hills Studio, and Aaron Ellerbrock of Brideface)