Posted on Aug 28, 2016
Posted in weddings

There are certain parts of a city that, when you visit, you say to yourself “that is what this town is about”.  When you think about The Jefferson Hotel from either the native or the tourist point of view it’s hard not to feel like you’re in the place where modern Richmond started.  The grand staircases, the statue of Thomas Jefferson, the gorgeous beaux-arts exterior – I never get tired of walking through it to approach that stunning rotunda to begin shooting the reception.  Sure, I know that “Portland East” (or “Austin North” depending on who you ask) as RVA is getting the reputation for is rapidly becoming known for its future as much as its past, all it takes is a five minute drive to see that the River City has strong roots from its past centuries.     It was also great to be back in the sanctuary of St. Benedicts, a Richmond gem that we just don’t see often en0ugh.

As for Mary and Anthony, well, they brought their own classic charm to these two classic venues.  It was lovely to watch their personalities unfold as the day went on.  You can definitely see how the anxieties of the wedding day slowly slip away and the truly fun nature of this couple comes out.  Thank you to the Needhams and the Georges for your lovely and happy families.  You are the reason we still love every Saturday.