Posted on Nov 12, 2010
Posted in weddings

And now we start the big fall catch up on weddings.  There are, at last count, 12 weddings just dying to make it to this blog.  So, without further ado…let’s go.  Angela, at Angela’s Elegant Events, asked us if we could kindly pop Morgan and Steve up here and we were happy to oblige her.   Hopefully these images will show why.

With Lindsay’s time at the University of Virginia and our mutual love of the mountains (and wineries!), weddings in Charlottesville always make us happy.  So, a ceremony at the UVA chapel and a reception at the Veritas Vineyards gave us the perfect match.  Morgan and Steve, along with their friends and family, certainly didn’t disappoint either.  From a touching, emotional ceremony to a rockin’ reception complete with multiple creme pies to multiple faces (Phi Gamma Delta tradition, no doubt), the evening ended with sparklers and a bang.  Enjoy!