Posted on Sep 26, 2012
Posted in weddings

I love movie trailers.  Exciting, well edited, just enough to get you pumped for the full length feature.  You’re a smart crowd.  You know where this is going.  Welcome Duncan and Samantha to the ranks of the blissfully and legally entangled.

Update:  I love it when our couples and families write to us, because no matter what I post and where we are published, it’s their opinion that matters to us most.  Here’s something from John Tract, Samantha’s father:

“Don- Your pictures clearly speak for themselves and it is no wonder Samantha says that you are the best photographer in Richmond. (even though you can’t do sunsets from moving trolleys!) I just wanted to add that I’m not sure that there could possibly be a photographer more fun to be around on such a special (stressful) day. Thanks for making a great day that much greater just by being you.”

Thank you John for an amazing endorsement and we enjoyed your families so much.

More to come soon!