Posted on Aug 15, 2016
Posted in weddings

Yeah, sure.  Blue skies and oceans.  Palm trees.  Bright and beautiful colors and people.  We have that for you.  That’s the easy part when you’re invited to cover a wedding weekend in Puerto Rico.  And to Iris and Maria, two incredible planners working with us at the Condado Vanderbilt hotel, I’m pretty jealous that you see this every weekend.  But to the point…Tiffani and Scott didn’t get here by any direct means.  Sitting down with them a few months before the wedding day, I asked “How did you meet?”.  I’ve gotten so many different answers to that question over the years.  But this answer turned my head…

“At Everest Base Camp”

“Excuse me?”

“I forgot to bring extra socks and Scott let me borrow his.”

*jaw drop and record skips*

What followed was a truly wonderful love story, the kind that you’d expect when it starts at 18,000 feet and doesn’t involve an airplane.   And what’s going on below is just the tiniest little sample of one of the best four days of our professional careers.  Starting in the evening of the rehearsal dinner near Santurce market, to the hotel for the wedding night, and closing out with a day-after session in the streets of Old San Juan.

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