Posted on Oct 24, 2013
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Whenever we sit down to explain how we do what we do on the wedding day,  I find that the most rewarding part of the chat is the happy look people get when they realize we’re very serious about not being all that serious.  It’s a wedding, not a war documentary.  The ceremony certainly demands discretion and respect.  It is, after all, why we’ve all been invited.  But something I’ve learned from many wedding now is that my thought process and my attitude will come through in the images that I capture.  So, from the very beginning of the day there’s a commitment to keeping my eyes open, my mind open, and having fun with everything going on around me.  Sometimes I think I must look like a fool with a smile on my face all day long, but I can’t help it.  While everyone is having their own personal good time, I get to witness and photograph everyone doing that very thing.  Weddings are hard work (no, we certainly don’t “just work on Saturday”, thank you for asking) but getting to spend it with happy people every weekend makes it all worth it and I wouldn’t trade it for any other type of photography.  We believe (and hope you can attest) that it comes through in our work.

With Suzanne and Chris, we didn’t have to work hard in the slightest to have fun.  It came with the couple.  Their happy and playful attitude was infectious and it ran right through the entire evening.   Sweet bow ties, smiling faces, and smooth dance moves were just the tip of the fun iceberg here.

I also want to thank Jennifer McBride of McBride Events.  While we are honored to be a part of each and every wedding celebration, it’s of special significance to us when a wedding planner and designer of Jennifer’s reputation and pedigree asks us to be there for her family.  Jennifer placed her brother Chris and beautiful new sister-in-law Suzanne in our hands and we humbly thank her.










































Ceremony:  All Saints Episcopal Church

Reception:  The Commonwealth Club

Event Planning and Design:  Jennifer McBride – McBride Events

Florist:  Jan Williams

Cake:  Cakes by Graham

Entertainment:  Jump Street

Hair and Makeup:  Mango Salon

Dress:  James Clifford at Jingles Bridal