Posted on Jul 24, 2012
Posted in weddings
Kristin and Ryan, currently Chicago natives, invited us to be a part of their wedding celebration half-way across the country and we were more than happy to accept.  You see, we photographed Ryan’s sister’s wedding on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Kennedyville, MD to be precise, a few years back.  The Mayhews were exceptional hosts and threw one heck of a party.  We knew that if Ryan had picked Kristin, and vice versa, then the Schnabels would be exactly the same.  Well, we were right.  Add to that the beautiful scenery that you get when your wedding backs up to the Flatiron Mountains and you have quite the event.  We can’t thank Kristin and Ryan enough for bringing us out.  Also, a very big thank you to the lovely St. Julien Hotel for their service and style; truly a destination hotel if you’re staying in Boulder.  Enjoy!