Posted on Sep 12, 2012
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And now welcome Megan and Norman to the Don Mears Photography family.  This was our first visit to Afton Mountain Vineyards so we were excited to get out there, spend a little time with the area before everyone arrived.  We definitely recommend sitting down for their breads, meats, and cheeses.  Unfortunately, there was no wine for us as we were just about an hour before our start time, but we’ll definitely be heading back sometime in the near future

I have a special place in my heart for Norman and I’ll explain why.  During the planning with them I noticed that all the bridesmaids were siblings of either Megan or Norman.  What I didn’t piece together was that Norman, as of his vows had three of his own sisters, three new sisters-in-law, a mother and mother-in-law, and Megan of course.  That’s NINE women directly tied to his life in some capacity.  The coolest thing, and I know this sounds cheesy, but you could see in his eyes during the ceremony that, to him, Megan was the only woman there. (cue soft music)

The vineyard was lovely, the ceremony was elegant, and the reception was full of craziness and laughter.  You know, a perfect wedding day.





Absolutely loved Lindsay’s capture here. She used that bathroom skylight to the best effect.




For ladies, it’s makeup, hair, and dresses. For the guys….subs and beer 🙂





As a dad with two daughters, sometimes I flash forward to a moment like this. Megan’s dad seeing her in the dress for the first time.






No matter where it is, the sun can be your best friend when telling a story and setting a mood. Here it ads some great shadows to the composition as the men approach the altar.





Love that four part processional image set. You can’t beat the class look of a veil in the breeze. Bonus for Mr. Marsilii and the not-often-capture kiss of the groom!














I can’t order up a sky like that, but I can certainly do everything to take advantage of it.


That’s a great moment hidden inside a portrait. You can’t direct that kind of expression from two people. Set against the stark white sky it’s one of my favorite images from the day.
















This grandfather doesn’t just dance to a different beat…he has his own rhythm section.



Megan and Norm, in a sea of people, still can have a moment alone.