Posted on Nov 15, 2012
Posted in weddings

As we get in to the thick of our fall season here on the blog, we visit a town we haven’t been to in some time and one that I have loved since I was a kid.  Sarah and TJ chose Williamsburg as the town for their ceremony and reception.  I’ve traveled quite a bit around the country and can say with some certainty that there’s nothing quite like the combination of history, small town charm and elegance that exists here.  Williamsburg United Methodist is a lovely church, sitting right on the main street through the William and Mary Campus, and was their choice of ceremony locations.  For the reception, however, they chose the somewhat tucked away charmer of a resort called the Williamsburg Inn.  From the intimate ballroom to the expansive gaming fields near the golf course, the Inn exudes the Colonial charm that you can’t miss as you walk anywhere in this area.  As I went through the days images, I really found I loved the contrast between Sarah’s and TJ’s obvious good natures and humor and the manicured grace of the Inn.  If you were walking by the Inn, you wouldn’t have guessed such a fantastic party was going on just feet away.

All our thanks to the Latimer and Tondorf families for treating us like one of their own for the day.  Enjoy!