Posted on Dec 19, 2012

Sometimes finding the perfect spot for an engagement session is a bit like a little word association game.  I say “Richmond” and you say “historic”.  I say “fun” and you say “water”.  Of course, your answers certainly vary but when we went through all the things that Kate and Ulf were thinking I got the following:  classic Richmond, water, our dog, Tredegar.  So, what are we to do?  Starting at the studio, down we went to some of the best parts of this wonderful city walking along the canal, traipsing through Shockoe Bottom, and ending up at their eventual ceremony site, the Tredegar museum.  Having only chatted with them over the phone, I was so thrilled to find out that no only were they fun and relaxing to talk with, but they were perfect subjects.   Thank you Kate and Ulf for making a job I already love that much easier.  Enjoy!