Posted on Sep 06, 2012
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And last, but by no means least, some of our favorite moments for Emily and Patrick.  Another beautifully designed and classic Richmond wedding with the ever stunning Cathedral for the ceremony and the well-appointed ballroom at the Wyndham Virginia Crossings.  Enjoy!

Emily reading Patrick’s final love letter to her as Ms. Grauel.



Matthew, Patrick’s brother, at the hotel putting the finishing touches on his reception toast.





How stunning is Emily?





If I had to put an image to the theme of the weekend it would be this. No anxiety, just laughs. Here the mothers share a moment.



Love the look between Emily and Patrick here. You can’t see it but her dad is beaming.



Is there a bad angle at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart?







No clue what they were doing. Absolutely random. I love it.





I don’t know what Patrick is trying to keep dry with one hand, but it’s cute nonetheless.





The Rollex band bringing the party to the party. Great entertainers.











Call me? Maybe?





Right place and time. An impromptu tunnel from the bridal party as Emily and Patrick leave the ballroom. Gotta love that.