Posted on Aug 12, 2010

Now that Erica and Patrick have officially walked down the aisle, it’s save (I assume?) to show off her beautiful bridal session.  Erica chose the always lovely, always blooming, grounds of Agecroft Hall.  I think we can agree that her stunning dress was a perfect match for the Elizabethan flavor (it is, after all, the home for Shakespeare’s festival in Richmond) of Agecroft.  Enjoy!

  • Don – you did an amazing job.

    I don’t envy Erica or her Mother having to choose
    just one or two of these. I want one of each.

    Vickie Felts
    Mother of the Groom

  • Nancy K. Van Voorhis

    The portrait session was a pre-wedding experience itself!! A beautiful sunny late afternoon at Agecroft with the actor’s practicing for the Shakespeare’s festival gave the session a flair we will never forget. The garden shots made us feel as if we were in Eden. You were such a great presence that made it so much fun and resulted in great pictures! Thanks
    Nancy K. Van Voorhis
    Mother of the Bride