Posted on Jan 04, 2016
Posted in weddings


Lindsay and I had remarked to each other on several occasions this past year at how amazing our couples were in 2015.  From start to finish, weekend after weekend, we just simply had fun.  Effe and Brian were one of those couples from this past year and a prime example of why this has been one of our favorite years.  First, they had that combination of quirky and happy that you live to work with.  And that charm and personality was also present in the guests and especially the families.  Secondly, when you’re spending the better part of an entire day with people, mixed with the already intimate nature of photographing people, it’s lovely to feel welcome.  Effe and Brian made us feel like part of their family in a way that not only  makes the photography that much easier, but actually better.  Last, but certainly not least, you have the always stunning Mt. Ida Farms.  While I would have photographed these two in a cave by candlelight, it certainly helps to have that perfect late Fall sunset over the mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia as a backdrop.

Enjoy these selected moments from the day.