Posted on Oct 08, 2013
Posted in weddings

I’ve posted a few times recently about the “other months” of the wedding season.  There are so many options that are perfect for when there’s a chill in the air.  Lindsay and I have fallen in love with the unique look and feel that only a winter wedding can bring!

Considering how a photographer captures an event in a similar environment to the one you will have becomes especially important during the fall and winter months when the days are shorter.  We’ve talked a little here before about the importance of light or the absence of it.  Here I’ve posted an example of just that situation.  Rhonda and Corey chose February as their wedding month and, while when I first started out in photography I might have been intimidated without an abundance of natural light, I’ve grown to love the “other months” for their own unique look and the challenge of creating beautiful images without the sun.

Rhonda and Corey chose Second Baptist Church in Petersburg, VA for their ceremony and the recently restored John Marshall Ballrooms for their reception.  Having photographed Corey’s brother’s wedding a few years back and getting to know the family, we knew that there would be no lack of party vibes no matter the time of year.  What we didn’t know was how lovely and warm this classic church would look on a snowy February day.  And we certainly didn’t expect that amazing night sky that the snow clouds would bring us as they hung over downtown Richmond.   Sometimes it’s not about your plans or your expectations.  Sometimes, it’s a simple as being there and being ready 🙂