Posted on Apr 04, 2013
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As we gear up for another fantastic wedding season, it’s nice to get things rolling with a little love from our fellow wedding professionals.  Claire Goodman from One Sweet Wedding and The Charlottesville Wedding blog was nice enough to let us know she’d published a few choice images in their “Best of 2012” series.

We’d be thrilled if you headed over there to check it out and leave a few comments about the work.  Here’s the link:


Thank you to Allison and Nick, Liz and Michael, Samantha and Duncan, Karen and Mike, Sarah and T.J., Jenny and Bruce,  Jessica and Fox, and Jane and Andrew.  These are the wonderful couples that made these images possible.  You see, it’s impossible to get featured in anything unless you get invited to the wedding first!  Here is a collection of single frames from each of these weddings that were also our favorites of 2012.