Posted on Apr 18, 2011
Posted in weddings

Road trip?  Check.  Kids in tow?  Check.  Fabulous Austin, TX wedding for my cool nephew and his beautiful new bride?  Check, check, and check.

We loaded up the whole family and braved the twenty four hour (yes…that’s 2, followed by a 4) trip to the capital of the Lone Star State.  Ever since we met, Lindsay and I have loved to hop on the road.  There’s just something about the long distance and freedom of movement you get on the road.  With a few scenic stops along the way (hello, Greenville, Jackson, and Monroe), we pulled in the night before the rehearsal.  I’d been to Austin a few times in the past and, since my very first visit, I was in love with that town.  Funny enough, the Richmond city planning upper-ups just got back from Austin.  I’ve always thought there were so many parallels between the two cities.  I hope they can find a way to encourage the kind of kitsch and cool that Austin seems to naturally develop.  If Richmond had that, on top of the amazing history and unmatched natural beauty it already has, then we’d probably be complaining about all the traffic in a few years!

But, enough urban planning talk.  Let’s get some images up, shall we?  Welcome Nicole and Jason to the married life and congratulate them on an incredible wedding day!