Posted on Apr 21, 2014
Posted in weddings

Sometimes you just luck in to a day like this, but I’d like to think it wasn’t luck that Catherine and Steven found us and asked us to be their photographers.  Lindsay and I have been at this photography thing for a while now and we are constantly asked about “bridezillas” and crazy wedding day stories.  The truth is, we really don’t have any of those stories.  That kind of friction happens when you end up with couples that don’t match their photographer.

When you put your real work out there, you’re putting your personality on display.  So, when you come to this blog our to our website, you see who we are as photographers and as people.  Because Lindsay and I are such sticklers for authentic moments and allowing every couple to just be themselves, I think we attract folks that “get it”.  We work with people who enjoy us and vice versa.  That way, the images are just an extension of the relationship.

Great relationship = great images.  Easy math 🙂