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Posted on Aug 12, 2010

Washington, D.C. is easily one of my favorite cities in the world.  For such a busy and crowded city, I’m always amazed by how little I feel hurried when I’m walking through it mid-day.  Also, it has some of the best architecture and public spaces you can find without a flight across the Atlantic.  So, when Jenny called to ask if I’d like to photograph their engagement session there I was thrilled.  From Eastern Market to Adams-Morgan and everything in-between, I could shoot for 2 days straight and not run out of backgrounds and fun things to interact with.  The three of us had a blast and I even found a new angle to the Capitol I’d never quite seen.  Definitely a good day.  Enjoy!

Posted on Aug 11, 2010

Ahh…back in to the swing of thing after a HUGE hiatus from blog posts.  Something about the birth of a new child will do that to you 🙂  The images galleries for Vivian will be coming soon enough, but for now I wanted to share the lovely Kelly McNeil with you.  She was married here in Richmond on July 24th and we were fortunate enough to be asked to photograph her bridal portraits.  The lovely Jefferson Hotel was the backdrop, always a great idea, and I think you can agree the dress was gorgeous.  Enjoy!

Posted on Jun 07, 2010

We have just finished downloading the White-Bourne wedding and have to say it was a great party.  Thank you to Kristie, Joe, their family and friends for making my first wedding, post-baby Vivian’s birth, a smashing success.  While we gear back up to tackle our mid-season workload, I thought I’d share Kristie’s bridal portrait session with you.  This was shot at the beautiful Maury Place Bed and Breakfast here in the Museum District.  Mack and Jeff have done such an amazing job with the restoration of this turn-of-the century home just off Monument Avenue.  Lindsay and I have stayed there on several occasions as an in-town getaway.  We definitely recommend it.

Until we post the wedding, here is the beautiful former Ms. White .  Enjoy!

Posted on Jun 01, 2010

While we work diligently on Allison’s wedding images from last weekend, I thought I’d share the beautiful bride with the world.  We photographed this session at Historic Mankin Mansion earlier this spring.  If you can’t see the personality on this girl, you aren’t even looking.  Enjoy and we’ll be back soon with the wedding day!

Posted on May 04, 2010

Ahh, spring in Richmond.  The weather is so lovely and predictable that we decided to have two sessions!  Rain throughout our first session kept things inside and to the side quite a bit.  While we still had fun with umbrellas and puddles, we thought it would be best to come back and do a little sunny side-session.  So, a few weeks later we moved from Shockoe Bottom over to the river and the Tredegar Iron Works.  Tommy and Kathleen were such good sports and a bunch of fun to be around.  Can’t wait for your wedding in October, you two!  Enjoy.

Posted on May 03, 2010
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Back to the Gopalakrishnan home for Riyaan’s third session of the year and we couldn’t wait to see how he’d grown.  You may have seen the prior sessions (newborn and 3 months, and it just keeps getting better.  Gauri and Jennifer, thank you again for inviting us in and we’ll see you at Year 1!

Posted on May 03, 2010

I thought I’d throw a few images from Sarah’s bridal portrait session just before I posted their wedding.  These were shot at the beautiful Bolling-Haxall house in downtown Richmond.  Thanks to Natalie Gordon of Avenue 42 Designs for makeup and photo assistance 🙂

Posted on Mar 22, 2010

The first problem with shooting an engagement session in Manhattan is deciding which places, among the thousands, you should spend your time.  The second problem is when you have a couple as fun as these two it’s hard to not want to take them to all of them.  Leah, Dimitri and I literally spent the day together wandering through the city.  Lunch at Aubergine in Woodside, Queens (great chili, better coffee) kicked things off with stops in Grand Central, Bryant Park, and through the southern stretch of Central Park.  At last, we ended up back across the river with a great nighttime view of Midtown.  Can’t wait to see these two back in Richmond this summer for their wedding celebration.  Enjoy.

Posted on Nov 05, 2009

Donna Hughes is a talented and lovely bluegrass artist that hails from Trinity, N.C.  She’s written for and played with musicians across the country including Alison Krauss, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tony Rice.  I had the privilege to see her play a very cool, very intimate show at The Mad Hatter in Farmville, VA.  What was an impromptu image that I took of her as she played turned in to a great call from Rounder Records to provide her still photography for the upcoming album.  We toured the city and the river a bit, had a great time, and can’t wait to get my copy of the new album.  Enjoy!











Posted on Nov 05, 2009
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