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Posted on Sep 14, 2011

Now, we’re off to a quaint little corner of Northern Virginia called Warrenton.  I think the downtown is the epitome of old Virginia.  Great little main street, tons of local businesses that thrive and easy access to some of the natural trails and scenery that make this part of the state special.  When Dee asked if it was OK to drive up there for the session of course I said yes.  Hopefully, when you view the images below, you can see why.  Everything we needed was within six square block.  Try doing that in a suburb 🙂

Thank you, Dee and Patrick.  You made the drive worthwhile, you warmed up so easily for the camera, and we’re so glad you’re loving them.  The rest of you…enjoy a little old town VA.






Posted on Jul 17, 2011

I’d like to introduce you to Loren and Ryan, a fantastic couple that I met at a recent Choice Entertainment “Meet the DJ” night.  From the minute the three of us started to chat I could tell there was a connection and I can’t explain how important Lindsay and I feel about making that connection.  We so often stress the experience of working with your photographer as being as important as the images.  After all, we spend more time with you than any other vendor throughout the entire wedding process.   As we end each wedding season (when does it end, actually?), Lindsay and I reflect back on not only what we’ve created, but also the number of great people that we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.  Being a full-time wedding photographer with a studio to maintain is tough, filled with long days of editing, business, and shooting.  The people we meet are the payoff.  They are what makes it worthwhile.

Well, these two are definitely a part of the payoff.  We had a blast at the engagement session as we walked through the Canal Walk and Church Hill.   There was plenty of laughter and some great tender moments between them.  I hope you enjoy the session and look forward to their wedding day.  Thank you Loren and Ryan!

Posted on Apr 27, 2011

Engagement sessions have always been a fun experience for us.   It’s a great way to start the relationship with our couples with camera in hand.  It’s one thing to have great conversations in the studio about wedding plans and photography, but it’s something entirely different once the shutter starts to click.  So, it’s our job to help ease that transition, keep things light, and get the laughter going.  In the end, what we hope for is natural smiles, funny moments, and a great set of images.  For Alex and Paul, we’d had a great time in planning and talking about the wedding, but Alex was decidedly nervous about the idea of being photographed.  If I’d handed her the camera and asked her to photograph me and Paul, I’m pretty sure she would have taken me up on it.  But, as we moved our way through the shoot, indeed the laughter started and we had a blast.  But, enough chatting…


Posted on Mar 31, 2011

Sitting here watching the cold wind roll in to town and the wet ground slowly dry makes it hard to remember that we actually had a little springtime last week.  VCU in the Final Four certainly blunts the depression over the temperatures a bit, and so does looking at these pictures of Shannon and Zach.  I want everyone to send Shannon a little love (blog remarks or happy thoughts…either are fine), because she was so sure her nervousness about being in front of the camera would show through.  I think you’ll agree she did just fine 🙂  (You were OK, too, Zach)





Posted on Aug 12, 2010

Washington, D.C. is easily one of my favorite cities in the world.  For such a busy and crowded city, I’m always amazed by how little I feel hurried when I’m walking through it mid-day.  Also, it has some of the best architecture and public spaces you can find without a flight across the Atlantic.  So, when Jenny called to ask if I’d like to photograph their engagement session there I was thrilled.  From Eastern Market to Adams-Morgan and everything in-between, I could shoot for 2 days straight and not run out of backgrounds and fun things to interact with.  The three of us had a blast and I even found a new angle to the Capitol I’d never quite seen.  Definitely a good day.  Enjoy!

Posted on May 04, 2010

Ahh, spring in Richmond.  The weather is so lovely and predictable that we decided to have two sessions!  Rain throughout our first session kept things inside and to the side quite a bit.  While we still had fun with umbrellas and puddles, we thought it would be best to come back and do a little sunny side-session.  So, a few weeks later we moved from Shockoe Bottom over to the river and the Tredegar Iron Works.  Tommy and Kathleen were such good sports and a bunch of fun to be around.  Can’t wait for your wedding in October, you two!  Enjoy.

Posted on Mar 22, 2010

The first problem with shooting an engagement session in Manhattan is deciding which places, among the thousands, you should spend your time.  The second problem is when you have a couple as fun as these two it’s hard to not want to take them to all of them.  Leah, Dimitri and I literally spent the day together wandering through the city.  Lunch at Aubergine in Woodside, Queens (great chili, better coffee) kicked things off with stops in Grand Central, Bryant Park, and through the southern stretch of Central Park.  At last, we ended up back across the river with a great nighttime view of Midtown.  Can’t wait to see these two back in Richmond this summer for their wedding celebration.  Enjoy.

Posted on Mar 22, 2010

Kristen and Travis joined me for a Sunday morning engagement session in downtown Richmond where there’s just no shortage of great places to walk and enjoy the views.  So, the spring weather decided to hold off a little longer than expected, but the sunshine did make an appearance to heat things up a bit.  These two braved the chilly winds and managed to keep warm smiles and laughter flowing while we traveled past the flood wall and through the tobacco lofts of Richmond’s River District.  Enjoy!