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Posted on Jul 31, 2013

There was so much done and seen during our eight days in the Pacific Northwest that I’m not going to attempt to explain or summarize it.  I just want to leave you with a few impressions of our time there spent in downtown, the surrounding parks, the ferries, sea kayaking and biking/hiking the islands.  I could have spent a month there and still there would have been guilt at all the things I didn’t get to do.  In my head, I’m still there.  I love you Richmond, but you have a serious suitor for my affections.  Enjoy.



Posted on Jul 04, 2013
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and…New Year’s Eve Part Two!  Another thing that makes winter weddings very different for a photographer is there’s very little sunlight to work with.  In fact, this wedding didn’t even get started until the stars were out and the moon was on its way up.   It’s hard to imagine that when we’re in the midst of the longest days of the year.  It’s certainly much easier when nature serves up a heap of partly cloudy skies, but there are so many other wonderful images you can make when forced to look at things a little differently.

On to the party with Rachel and Matt!  We with a little first look at the Jefferson Hotel, followed by a quick portrait at 1st Presbyterian to catch the very end of twilight.  Then it was a visit to a place near and dear to the couple’s hearts, Cafe Caturra, where they spent many hours together over coffee and a fire place.  Then back to the ceremony and on to The Boathouse and Rockett’s Landing.  For the second NYE in a row we were treated to an incredible party with a great group of people.  Not bad at all.

As always we thank our colleagues that make the wedding day a success:  McBride EventsThe Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing, Mosaic Edibles, The Mixing Bowl, Alan Boyle with Choice Entertainment, and The Cordial Cricket.