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Posted on Jun 25, 2013
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It’s typical for us to be wistful about the seasons that just passed as we’re entering the thick of the current one.  Summer is finally and rapidly coming to a head and the humidity is rising, so our thoughts are turning to one of our favorite wedding seasons:  winter!  Sure, we love fields of daisies and sunny afternoon ceremonies as much as the next photographer, but winter affairs just have a flair and feel that can’t be compared.  And other than Christmas Eve, not a strong traditional day for weddings, I can think of no better winter holiday than New Year’s Eve.

So, with that I give you a two wedding set from New Year’s Eve, starting with Tori and Jarrett at Ebenezer Baptist Church and The Jefferson Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.  Part 2 is coming very soon!


Thank you to The Jefferson Hotel, McBride Events, Floraculture, for their always elegant details and professional service.



Posted on Jun 21, 2013

As you might expect, since it’s June in Richmond, we’re in the thick of another busy wedding season.  You know Lindsay and I love everything about the wedding day and the events that lead up to it, but sometimes you do like a little bit of something unexpected.  When Mike called me up to say that he wanted me to be there when he popped the question to Emily, I was thrilled.  I’ve done this a few times before (I want more!!!) and there’s nothing quite like the thrill of his anxiety, followed by her elation, all wrapped up in one of the tenderest moments you’ll see between two people.   Mike could not stop smiling nor could Emily stop crying for a very long time.

Now, the funny part of this for me is the acting that Mike and I had to do to set it all up.  There were several phone calls, a studio meeting, and then of course the cat and mouse game on the big day as I stayed close, but not too close.  Mike was making sure he was giving all the right signs without giving away the game.  While I was playing “random duck photographer” he was playing Mr. “this is just a normal date in Byrd Park”.  So, I threw in a photograph of my “work” at the beginning.  Several duck photographs and what looked like a very cute conversation between them, he stood up and went to one knee.  Perfect.

Congratulations to you both, Mike and Emily.  Thank you for letting me be a witness to the beginning of a pretty special journey.  Enjoy!


Posted on Jun 10, 2013
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I can’t imagine that, in the past ten years, any of our couples escaped my speeches about the importance of true moments on their wedding day.   It’s not that we don’t love portraits.  We absolutely do.  It’s just that they are completely different animals.  As much fun as portraits may be, the foundation of great wedding photography is (in our oh-so-humble opinion) pure moments.  And if you keep your eyes, and your mind, open then you can find all sorts of fantastic moments walk right in front of your lens.  But they’re only there for a second and then they’re gone.  How about a moment like when the flower girl, who wouldn’t walk down the aisle during the ceremony, suddenly finds her courage when left to her own devices…


Posted on Jun 06, 2013
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We were delighted to find out just a few days ago that the wedding blog Love and Lavender had picked up Jane’s and Andrew’s wedding for publication.  For many reasons we have been excited to share this wedding with you, not the least of which is the fantastic apple theme that runs through the entire affair; from the desert table to the settings to the entire venue itself.  Add to that a very happy ring-bearing-dog, a gorgeous spring day in the foothills of Virginia, and a lovely collection of friends and family…well, you can see why it’s about time this made it to the blog!

A big thank you to the following friends and colleagues:  The staff at Castle Hill CiderLindsay Averette Kennedy of LK Events and Design, Champagne Taste Catering, Tommy’s Garden, lighting from MS EventsClassic Party Rentals, The Empty Pocket Band with Sam Hill Entertainment