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Posted on Jul 04, 2012
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Happy Independence Day 2012 to everyone out there.  Hopefully you’re enjoying vacations, barbecues, parties, family outings, and copious amounts of shade and/or air-conditioning.  If you just so happen to have your smartphone, tablet, or computer handy then how about a few wedding images from a town and a place that we haven’t visited since the beginning of our careers in weddings.  While my family has a long history with the town of Fredericksburg, and we drive through it many times a year for events in the District, we’ve never had the pleasure of a wedding there.

Flashback to fall of last year when Holly and John approached us about being their photographers and they presented a unique story.  The wedding ceremony was to be held at a historic manor in the countryside that would have been destroyed (or let fall to ruin) if it hadn’t been for John’s specific intervention and convincing his construction company to restore it and preserve it.  Hayfield Manor dates from the mid-18th century, a charming and well appointed restoration, and a wonderful place to hold a ceremony.  From the rustic landscaping, to the wide, high-ceiling rooms so prevalent in southern colonial construction, Lindsay and I found so many things charming about photographing here.  An interesting fact about the home, in addition to it’s early history, is about the family that last lived in Hayfield.  The Reinhold family, who’s son Judge you might recognize as a rather well-known and loved actor, left the home in 1974 to move to California.  When Judge found out that Aggregate, John’s company, was taking on the restoration he became not only interested but a frequent advisor and fervent advocate of the project.  We had the pleasure of working with him and his lovely wife Amy during the day.

John and Holly, our heartfelt gratitude for letting us be a part of your wedding day and our best to your families and guests.

Special thanks as well to the following vendors:  Jan Williams FloralBuzz Bakery of Alexandria, Bialek’s Entertainment/DJ Jeff Hubert, and Lisa G Salon



Posted on Jul 02, 2012
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I have to admit that even hundreds of weddings later I get nervous before each and every one.  It’s a great feeling, honestly, because it keeps me on my toes and I hope I never lose it.  But…with Charles and Amy, who lack absolutely nothing in the personality department, I had a genuine concern.   You see, I’ve known them both for a little while now.  When you hang out with them you feel like they’ve known each other their whole lives; inside jokes, little traditions, constant joking back and forth.  When you make a name for yourself as someone who finds the best, real moments among the craziness of the wedding day, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it with these two.  When the day was done and Lindsay and I looked at what we’d captured, I have to say I really smiled.  I remembered advice that I’d gotten years ago to keep your eyes open, be present, and let it come to you.   With these two, it was excellent advice and remembered at the right time.

I wish I could share every great expression, great moment, that Lindsay and I found throughout the day in this one post, but it’s just not possible.  To Charles and Amy, thank you for letting us be there and hope we’ve put together something that you, your family, and your friends can honestly say captures you two and your day.

Thank you also to the following vendors: Cakes by Graham, Designs by Janice, White House Catering, Sweet Spot, Salon del SolEmily Hudspeth, and Jingle’s Salon