Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?

Style is an elusive thing. There are so many buzzwords out there that are used to describe photography, but our best advice is always - look at the images. Can you see yourself there? That is more important than any description that we could give you.

That said, we think style has as much to do with the images as it does with our personalities, and the intention with which we shoot. It has to do with our experience as technicians, as artists, and as a married couple. And it has to do with the experience that our clients have when they work with us. Our approach - our motivation - is to document your wedding day in a way that tells a story. The real story. The one that someone who is invested in your life and your family would want to see. Who is that you might ask? Well, first it is YOU, looking back at yourselves years down the road when life has happened, and is still happening, and is everything different from what you planned. And it is the future generations of your family who want to see you smiling at one another, laughing with those who may have passed on, and being in that moment of joy and love that is your wedding day.

Do you travel?

We have had the priveledge of photographing weddings across the country, and always welcome the opportunity to be there for you wherever you are. Our clients' weddings have taken us from San Diego to Austin, from Long Island to Jekyll Island, from Boulder to the Cumberland Gap. Many of our clients live out of state whether their wedding is in Richmond or elsewhere, and we frequently travel for engagement sessions in your hometown. (You might have even spotted some guest city appearances in our engagement gallery!)

Do you shoot weddings in Charlottesville? How about Washington DC?

Well, of course you are reading this top to bottom, and you already know we travel! But your instincts are good - the answer is a little different. Charlottesville, DC, and Hampton Roads are our neighboring cities and we frequently find ourselves in each of them. We do not charge a separate travel fee when traveling to these locations (and a few others within about the same range of Richmond, VA -- when in doubt just ask!)

I love all of the unposed, candid moments you show in your portfolio. Do you take formal portraits too?

We love them too! And we assume that if you've made it this far into our website that is why you're here! We take our job of documenting your wedding very seriously, and therefore we always take some time during the day to capture formal photos of those that are closest to you, and to take some creative portraits of just the two of you. Some couples want to keep their formal portraits to a bare minimum - and others wish to include a larger circle of family and friends or spend more time on creative portraits together. Whatever your preference, we do feel that taking at least a few formal photos is something you will not regret. We always consult with you before the wedding to make sure you get the photos that you want and that the process is as efficient and simple as possible.

Do you do engagement sessions? Rehearsal dinners? How about bridal portraits?

We are a full service studio, and offer everything you would expect as such. Engagement sessions are a popular option and we love them most because they contrast the joy and excitement of the wedding day with a casual, just-the-two-of-you vibe. There is so much value in couples having great photos of themselves together! We also photograph bridal portraits (for you's a southern thing!) and are often invited to photograph the rehearsal dinner as well.

What else should we know about you?

Well, there's a little bit over in the "About Us" section, a little bit more on our blog, but you should really head over to the contact page. Send us a message or give us a call. A conversation and maybe a meeting at the studio is the best way to get to know us and for us to learn about you and your wedding. It won't hurt. Give it a try :)